There’s a reason that people call it the most important meal of the day. 

While there may be some debate around when exactly it is best to break your fast, it is undeniable that the type of food that you choose to eat for your first meal is important.

Choosing the right, nutritious foods for breakfast can play an important role in providing you with the proper amount of energy, keep you full longer and keep your emotions stable throughout the day. Including the right balance of nutrition can also help you to avoid that annoying afternoon crash.

Sharon Collison, Registered Dietician and Clinical Instructor in the University of Delaware’s Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition, was recently featured in an article by One Green Planet, sharing her tips and advice about the healthiest foods to eat first thing in the morning.

According to Collison, a healthy breakfast “incorporates four things: protein, whole grains, healthy fat, and a fruit or vegetable.” She mentions that fat and protein are essential in order to help keep you satiated during the day, and thereby “cut down on unnecessary snacking later.” Additionally, whole grains and vegetables “add nutritious fiber, vitamins, and minerals.”

Read the full article here: Top 10 Healthiest Foods to Eat First Thing in the Morning


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