Wenny Lin graduated from the University of Delaware in 2003 with a degree in biochemistry and an interest in public health. At the time, Delaware was one of only three states without a Master of Public Health program. That changed when the Epidemiology Program was started in the fall of 2018.

Dr. Lin received her PhD in cell and molecular biology from the University of Pennsylvania and her MPH from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Then she trained in cancer epidemiology at the National Cancer Institute before starting a position at Genentech, a pharmaceutical company. She is currently a real world data scientist working on data generation activities to enable personalized healthcare in oncology.

Eager to learn more about the new Epidemiology Program at her alma mater, Dr. Lin reached out to founding director Dr. Jennifer Horney to see how she could contribute. Dr. Lin had previously given guest lectures in public health classes at UD and had taught an epidemiology course at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. She is always excited to share her career journey with students and describe how public health and epidemiology are applied in public/government as well as private sector roles.

One way Dr. Lin contributes is by supporting the career development of women in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Through her blog, Women in Pharma Careers, Dr. Lin and a colleague have created an online space for mentoring, advice and career development resources aimed at women in the pharma/biotech industry. The website profiles a variety of positions in the industry as well as provides a platform for Dr. Lin and peers to share thoughts and experiences with their own careers. The website aims to build a community of support for women professionals currently working in the industry as well as students/trainees who are exploring potential careers.

Dr. Lin encourages interested students to sign up for the quarterly blog newsletter, follow the blog’s LinkedIn page, and join the Facebook community to get connected and learn more about careers in the pharma/biotech industry.

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