Newark Mayor Polly Sierer moved to the city 25 years ago for a job, but stayed because of a passion to lead. Upon election two years ago, she became the first woman mayor of Newark in more than 40 years. Now she is setting a precedent for others. Sierer, with the interim president of University of Delaware and many other women, are the driving forces of the town. “This is not something I went to school to do,” Sierer says. “This is something coming from within.”

She and women like acting UD president Nancy M. Targett, serve as role models. “We have to go out into the community and share our experiences so they can develop a passion to be leaders,” Sierer says. Education and engagement are the keys. “That’s what inspires women to have the desire and confidence to pursue this.”

With a population of 30,500, Newark is the third-largest city in the state. It is made up of two essential halves, the university and the city. Sierer and Targett are just two pieces of the team. They serve with others. Read more on Delaware Today.

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