CNBC — Six-year-old Paxton Padilla’s mom, Suzanne, gets choked up when she talks about trying to create the best life possible for her son in spite of his mobility issues.

“Since he was born, he has an underlying genetic syndrome that they can’t figure out what it is,” she told CNBC. “He has a congenital heart defect that’s pretty severe, and because of a lot of his neurological issues, he’s non-ambulatory, so he can’t walk, he can’t talk … he is limited in how he can interact with his environment around him.”

Suzanne, though, remains hopeful. That’s thanks in part to Dr. Cole Galloway, a professor in the department of physical therapy at the University of Delaware and the founder of GoBabyGo, an organization that modifies kids’ toys, like Fisher-Price Power Wheels jeeps, so that children with even the most severe mobility issues can still use them. Read the full article.

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