While many issues in the healthcare arena remain contentious, the industry has little debate on training the healthcare provider of the future: They must to be trained in team-based, patient-centered care. So with a goal of cultivating these skills within the next generation of healthcare professionals, Barret Michalec has spearheaded the new Center for Interprofessional Development, Education & Research (CIDER) in the University of Delaware College of Health Sciences (CHS).

“Team-based, collaborative care can improve patient outcomes and promote safer and more effective healthcare while also reducing medical errors, workforce turnover and costs,” explained Barret Michalec, associate dean of Interdisciplinary Initiatives & Interprofessional Education. “Education in the health professions must have an authentic culture of teamwork, understanding and collaboration. That’s where interprofessional education (IPE) comes in.” Read the full article on UDaily.

Explaining CIDER through comic book art

Ian Sampson (Department of Art & Design) is creating comic book art to explain the origins of and need for the center. Michalec’s desire to cultivate a collaborative culture is explained here.

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