Trending towards tobacco-free

In the old days, ballplayers and coaches could often be seen smoking cigarettes in the dugout during games. Now, the only smoke better be coming from a bat and many teams have banned the use of smokeless tobacco, too. Varsha Kripalu of Wilmington, Del., is studying tobacco use among people who receive food assistance through mobile food pantries. “The Mobile Smoking Termination Program” gives participants information on smoking, points them to programs that help people quit, and studies the data around those efforts.

Her work continues with follow-up calls to collect information on changes in health status and the impact of the program’s intervention. Then, she will work on analyzing the data gathered.

Varsha is majoring in biological sciences, with minors in public health and biochemistry. When she is not doing research, she loves to sing, play the piano and go for long runs with her father and sister. “I also enjoy binge-watching reruns of ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘The Office.’”

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