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This floor offers extensive opportunities for community engagement with researchers studying prevention and wellness.  This floor focuses on ways to help the community take control of their own health, such as exercise intervention for chronic diseases, nutrition counseling, health coaching, stress testing, infant and maternal nutrition,  fitness counseling, neuroscience testing, cardiovascular research, metabolic research and programs for individuals with disabilities. A Design for Health Innovation Lab extends that idea even farther, serving as a staging space for the development of wearable technology to improve quality of life. 

living wall in health sciences Tower at STAR


Innovation Health Design Lab

This space is equipped with tools for the development of wearable technology, software, and applications.  The new space also provides a unique venue for students to interact and learn from biomedical, business and local community partners. 

Exercise & Functional Training Lab

This lab supports research on exercise interventions that are designed primarily for people with chronic conditions and older adults. Supervised exercise training programs have been implemented for diseased populations including those with Parkinson’s, chronic kidney, and cardiovascular diseases.

Motor Neuroscience and NeuroImaging Lab

Using an interdisciplinary approach, this lab seeks to improve understanding of how the nervous system controls movement and how neuromotor control changes with aging and in individuals with movement disorders.

Sensorimotor Control & Robotic Rehabilitation Lab

This lab focuses on understanding sensorimotor control and learning after neural injury.  Robotic technology is utilized to assess and treat impairment of arms after stroke and other neurologic impairments. 

Exercise Testing Lab

This lab tests for fitness levels and exercise capacity in individuals with chronic disease as well as how exercise impacts health and disease. 

Cardiovascular Core Labs

These labs provide a variety of cardiovascular measures using state-of-the-art techniques that allow investigators to assess cardiovascular health in both healthy individuals and individuals with chronic disease.

Health Coaching Consult

Health coaching provides sessions to improve health outcomes, to reduce the effects of chronic conditions, and to provide tailored exercise programs to set health goals to enhance overall health.

Energy Balance & Nutrition Lab

Research in this lab focuses on the diet and energy mechanisms that contribute to weight changes, growth, and nutritional status in infants, children, and adults who are healthy, and in those with chronic disease. 

Health & Disabilities Lab

Research in this lab promotes high-quality interdisciplinary research to improve health, physical activity, equity, quality of life, and independence among persons with disabilities. Specific focus on the development and evaluation of comprehensive behavioral interventions and service efforts; creating and evaluating new or existing community-based fitness/wellness programs; and developing and testing the effectiveness of new supportive and assistive technologies.

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