Professor Daniel Stevens’s Honors Music students joined forces with University Media Services and the College of Health Sciences to produce a new video profiling the Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic. PT and the other clinical offerings at STAR Health have a distinctiveness that stems from a collaborative model of research, education, and care. In the eldest of the three clinics in the Health Sciences Complex, physical therapists, students, and researchers work together to implement cutting-edge rehabilitation treatments, which is captured through sight and sound in the 60-second feature.

“Through this project, we have gained valuable experience collaborating with actual clients, composing music, and working as a team,” said sophomore music student Megan Woodring. “We applied what we had learned in the classroom to an outside setting and learned how to communicate about musical ideas to clients with other specialties.”

The video promotes the clinical PT offerings of STAR Health, the public-facing entity of the College of Health Sciences. The comprehensive clinical services are open to the public, including nutrition counseling, health coaching, fitness coaching, primary care, speech-language pathology, and physical therapy.

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