SIXTH FLOOR – Assessment & Outcomes

Activities on this floor will include data collection, testing, training, feedback, and program evaluation research to advance health outcomes and rehabilitation.  One of the focuses will be the enrichment of biomedical science and technology to expand Delaware’s research capability.  Additional research will focus on language learning for people with communication disorders.  

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BADER/INBRE Core (available for naming)

The BADER Consortium targets optimal rehabilitation care of wounded soldiers. Delaware’s IDEA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) is building the state’s biomedical research capability providing key research resources and enhancing the biomedical science and technology knowledge of the workforce. 

Child Language Lab (available for naming)

This lab will focus on how children learn multiple languages and will also examine questions about grammar and syntax primarily through intervention studies. 

Adult Neuro Lab (available for naming)

This lab will house both the Measure What Matters Lab and the Aphasia & Rehabilitation Outcomes Lab. These labs will develop tools for assessing quality of life with cognitive and language disorders, and explore psychosocial factors and their influence of neurological impairments respectively.  

Voice Lab (available for naming)

Focused on voice and voice disorders, this lab will consider exercise physiology, psychological physiology, wound healing, and mind-body influences in the voice.

Research Assessment Labs (available for naming)

These labs will be used for assessing quality of life for people with cognitive language disorders such as stroke and Alzheimer’s. They will also be used to assess medical outcomes for those with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. 

speech assessment and outcomes space on the 6th floor
assessment and outcomes space on the 6th floor
child language assessment and outcomes space on the 6th floor
BADER/INBRE assessment and outcomes space on the 6th floor

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