Jordan Carr is headed to the University of Delaware this fall as one of 106 medical diagnostics majors in the Department of Medical and Molecular Sciences. But he’s already a well-known face in the College of Health Sciences after being a participant in last year’s inaugural Health Sciences Summer Camp. Most recently, he wrapped up a successful co-op experience this year in the lab of Esther Biswas-Fiss. 

Jazzlyn Jones, a longtime researcher in the Biswas lab, coordinated Carr’s laboratory activities. 

“We didn’t know what to expect, but Jordan fit in seamlessly and was well prepared,” Biswas-Fiss said. “Our grad students and researchers were natural mentors as Jordan learned the ropes.”

Carr is graduating from St. Georges Technical High School, where he pursued a biotechnology career path. As part of his graduation requirement, he had to spend 12 weeks with a program that supports his career focus – something he did while also pursuing dual enrollment at Delaware Technical Community College. 

Working in the lab not only gave him his needed co-op hours, it also helped influence his college plans, including his area of study.  

“At first I was looking to attend college as a biology major. I was lucky enough to have been accepted at several colleges this year,” said Carr, who plans to go on to medical school. “But working alongside the graduates gave me much more insight into what medical diagnostics at the University of Delaware has to offer.”

Biswas-Fiss credited academic support coordinator Diana Levering with managing the logistics of having a minor spend time on campus. Opportunities like these allow eligible students to put into practice what they learn in the classroom, Biswas-Fiss said.  

“Co-ops help to demystify the workplace and academic setting, and as a result, there is increased confidence,” she added. “We definitely will host co-ops in the future and already have our next one lined up.”

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