Corey Beattie was in car crash. A horrific one. After a fall evening in 2010 out line dancing with her friends, their vehicle was involved in an accident on Route 896 near New London, Pennsylvania.

Some of the 17-year-old’s injuries – a broken clavicle, right femur fracture, a broken neck – would pale in comparison to the devastating traumatic brain injury (TBI) she received from the violent collision. In Hollywood, this impairment is often portrayed as a short-term hurdle.

“It’s way different in real life,” said Beattie, now age 23.

She would need years of intensive and acute care before she could even leave the hospital. She would never achieve her dream of graduating culinary school and becoming a chef … or so conventional wisdom would dictate.

But those who have met University of Delaware Department of Physical Therapy faculty member Cole Galloway and doctoral student Devina Kumar know they don’t believe in the words never or conventional. Read the full article on UDaily.

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