The Fun Dept. is partnering with the program, and there are talks of joining forces with local student robotics teams.

Though it’s been around at the University of Delaware for a decade, GoBabyGo! completed its first workshop in Delaware just last December.

The program involves volunteers retooling toy cars — the kind you get from Toys “R” Us and Walmart — to provide mobility for small children with disabilities.

“Everyone’s been calling us to this zip code and that zip code, and we all forgot about where we came from,” said John Koshy, a program organizer. He noted the program has expanded across the country and as far as places like New Zealand and Israel.

But that’s all starting to change: The Fun Dept., based out of 1313 Innovation, is adding GoBabyGo! workshops to its menu of selections for corporate team-building exercises, and Koshy is in talks with FIRST Robotics folks in Delaware about getting kids involved in making the cars. Read more.

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