William B. Farquhar, a faculty member and professor of our Kinesiology and Applied Physiology department,  recently had a column published in the Washington Post about his research in exercise and health. Farquhar talks about the benefits of daily exercise and its direct correlation to lowering blood pressure. 

To some, daily exercise may seem onerous, but the good news is that the exercise need not be intense or lengthy — moderate intensity exercise such as brisk walking for 30 minutes will lead to reductions in blood pressure. There is even evidence that short exercise bouts throughout the day (10 minutes, three times per day) can lower blood pressure.

The bottom line is that exercising every day (and obviously eating less) will help prevent holiday weight gain, but an equally important benefit of daily exercise is lower blood pressure.


p data-elm-loc=”11″>Read more about Farquhar’s research findings in the article picked up by the Washington Post or his original article here.

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