Studies representing a range of research topics such as food and cardiovascular health, sleep and smoking cessation and the physiology of elite athletes were on display at the inaugural CHS Research Day on Friday, Feb. 1.

More than 110 posters by undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students filled the Audion and surrounding areas of the Tower at STAR. The event included a panel discussion on research resources featuring Anshauman Razdan, associate vice president, University of Delaware Research Center; Cathy Wu, director of the UD Data Science Institute; Robert Akins, director of professional development for the Delaware CTR ACCEL program, and director of research for Delaware INBRE; and Jeff Caplan, director of the UD BioImaging Center.

The following students received awards for their posters – Undergraduate: Andrew Mitchell; Graduate: Master’s students: Alison Kowalksi and Michele D’Agata; PhD candidates: Faria Sanjana and Kelly Banas; and Postdoctoral: Elizabeth Thompson.

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