UD’s College of Health Sciences brings an innovative view to the complex issues facing human health. Here, prevention and wellness are based on the science of health. Research, education, clinical care and an interdisciplinary culture prepare our students to be leaders in the healthcare workforce. Combined with strategic partnerships in the Delaware community and an ever-growing Science Technology and Research (STAR) Campus, the College is driving health and wellbeing practices for our local, national and global community. 

photo of the UD health sciences building

Today’s Research
Tomorrow’s Healthcare Leaders 


UD’s College of Health Sciences is preparing the healthcare workforce of the future. All of our 12 undergraduate majors and 30 graduate-level programs benefit from an experiential, interprofessional approach that immerses students in research, simulation and clinical care, preparing them to solve today’s healthcare challenges. 

photo of the health sciences complex on STAR campus

A Visit Will Change Your Life


The UD Health clinics use research and education to provide patient-centered care to the public. Major health and prevention services include: primary care, physical therapy, speech therapy, nutrition counseling, exercise counseling, and health coaching — all in one place at UD’s STAR Campus.

photo of the Tower at STAR, health sciences

From Research to Results 


Our research and innovation programs focus on prevention, health monitoring and rehabilitation, addressing everything from cardiovascular health to neurological diseases to orthopedics to aging to pediatrics and so much more. Treatments in our physical therapy clinics are designed to prevent patients from having surgery, while online concussion prevention programs teach youth soccer coaches how to keep developing players healthy and on the field longer. 

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