Deb Buenaga’s son Preston was never able to play on a typical playground. Preston, 17, lives with mitochondrial disease, a condition that causes him to have muscle weakness and developmental delays. Even so, Buenaga has always tried to include him in everything. An avid runner, she pushes Preston in an adaptive running stroller to race to the finish line of 5Ks, half marathons and even just around town. When he was younger, she’d be out on the playground playing hide and seek, chasing the kids. But often the other parents would be hesitant of the playtime, worried that the other kids would hurt him.

“Half the time, Preston sits on the sidelines and watches,” she said. “The kids don’t care … It’s the adults that put up those barriers.”

Fast-forward to now, when Buenaga is helping lead a community-wide effort to create an all-inclusive accessible playground in Newark for kids with and without disabilities. Read the full article on Delaware Online.

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