STAR Health Sciences Complex

UD STAR Health Sciences Complex

Welcome to the Science, Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus.

This building houses core labs for use by teams of clinical and academic researchers. These shared spaces encourage basic scientists, clinicians, physician scholars, and students to work together conducting interdisciplinary and translational research that changes people’s lives.

The STAR campus is all about engagement—with the community, with the business world, and with our clinical partners—to train the next generation of healthcare professionals and to create the next innovations in healthcare through cutting- edge research.
Kathleen S. Matt

Dean, College of Health Sciences

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“Let’s all hail STAR Campus program. There is a treasure in our community of which many are unaware. It is the STAR Campus at the University of Delaware in Newark. I recently went to physical therapy for a back problem. I was more than impressed with this facility and staff. The physical therapists are extremely knowledgeable, caring and observant. They are working with top-notch students. UD ranks No. 1 in the nation for its Physical Therapy program. They have access to the latest and most innovative equipment. Kudos to Dr. Kathleen Matt, dean and visionary of this gem.” Janet McNamara

Newark, DE

Clinical Trials

The Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic employs harness systems as a way to help stroke victims and others who may be at risk at re-injuring themselves.
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Be sure to stop by and visit our clinics. We are open to the public.

Primary Care

Our healthcare clinic, the Nurse Managed Primary Care Center delivers primary care tagged to health and wellness through a team of professionals, creating a signature for interprofessional healthcare delivery.

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy Clinic includes certified specialists in the areas of sports, orthopedics, geriatric and neurologic PT. Ranked first in the nation, our DPT program is a model for interconnected clinical, research, and academic activities. Members of the community participate in cutting-edge, patient-centered research conducted by our expert faculty and top-notch graduate students, and the results of that research are fed back into clinical practice as well as into our academic curricula. The STAR Health Sciences Complex enabled us to double the number of students in our DPT program so that we can become even more responsive to needs in the community.


Meeting the needs of Delaware, we’ve added a new Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic on the STAR Campus. The University of Delaware Speech-Language-Hearing (SLH) Clinic evaluates and treats children and adults having communication disorders, including articulation, voice, motor speech, swallowing, cognitive-communication, and oral and written language disorders.

Collaborative Research & Innovation

Also housed at STAR, the BADER Consortium, which focuses on rehabilitation of wounded warriors; the Delaware Rehabilitation Institute, which brings together clinicians, scientists, engineers, and policy-makers to improve the state of the art in rehabilitation medicine; and exciting translational research like GoBabyGo!, which is aimed at increasing cognitive, social, and emotional development in infants and young children with disabilities through movement.

Other occupants include INBRE, DHSA, Healthcare Theatre, FirstStep, CTR.

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Our goal is to create a healthy working/learning community that creates synergy by bringing together education, business, and the community. Private companies provide partnerships for student internships and opportunities for co-inventions. If your business supports a mission of health and wellness and you are interested in the opportunities available at the Health Sciences Complex, please contact Gary Ciaffi.

Value-added partners could include those who focus on:

  • Clinical care: on-site nursing, therapy, rehab, speech-language-hearing
  • Education, training, internships, cooperative learning
  • Health and wellness: nutrition and fitness counseling, health coaching
  • Devices and materials: prosthetics-orthotics, medical technology, biomaterials, biomarkers

Our goal is to create a healthy working/learning community that brings together education, business, and the community.
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Some of our partners include: