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The College of Health Sciences is always seeking community member participation in research studies. Researchers are currently enrolling participants in studies focused on autism, blood vessel function, stroke, menopause, cerebral palsy, hamstring injury, prosthetics, chronic kidney disease, and ACL injury, just to name a few.

Each study has specific inclusion/exclusion criteria. Many studies are seeking healthy control participants. 

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STAR-researchHealthcare is changing. 

The Affordable Care Act has pointed towards a new focus on implementing  practices that lower costs and advance care options through prevention,  monitoring of health and cost-effective care.

Academic research can help advance these healthcare goals. Better prevention programs are needed that help people recognize and avoid risk; Better health monitoring programs are needed that assist the healthy and chronically ill to maintain an acceptable standard of health and become engaged in sustaining their own health; and Better and more advanced clinical care programs are needed that determine the most effective ways to treat rehabilitating patient populations and promote healthy outcomes.

At the University of Delaware College of Health Sciences, our research and education programs focus on Prevention, Monitoring of Health and Rehabilitation. We seek to find new ways to help patients avoid getting sick, or if ill, better ways to be diagnosed and recover through advanced rehabilitation approaches.

In the College of Health Sciences, we have over 100 faculty members in five different departments who collaborate on research programs that address cardiovascular health, neurological diseases, orthopedics, health services research, aging, and women’s and children’s health. We also emphasize the importance of ‘education as research’ and seek better ways to develop a workforce for today’s healthcare system, as well as better and innovative ways to teach students and prepare them for careers.

Our long term goal is to help contribute to developing a ‘Healthy Delaware’ and developing best practices that advance healthcare across the nation and across the globe.

We welcome you to the College of Health Sciences!

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